The Solo walk in bath

Dimensions: 1220mm x 66mm

This simple and elegant bath provides all the vital assistance you need to get in and out safely, meaning you can enjoy personal time spent in warmth and relaxation.

The bath until has plenty of surfaces to support you and a carefully positioned seat that eases the transition between sitting and standing – something that can be so difficult in a standard bath.

The door mechanism is easy to use too, with a simple lever that both opens and closed the door and also operates the seals that ensure prevention of any leakage. When you are ready to get out, the twin waste outlets drain the water in a matter of moments so there is minimal waiting time until you can open the door and walk safely out into your bathroom.

This impressive range of safety features means you can look forward to bath time again! And for those who would like to go one step further and enjoy ultimate luxury, an air spa option is also available…

 solo walk in bath