Who are we and what do we do?

Giving you back your freedom

There’s a growing need for safe, accessible bathrooms and an increasing recognition of the practical and emotional benefits of a wetroom.

Bathe in Safety is a tight-knit team of experts who design and fit accessible bathrooms of all sizes and shapes – for people of all ages and shapes!

We help private customers living in their own homes; we work within residential and care homes and also for local councils and housing associations.


Your best interests at heart

Whether in a flat, a bungalow or a house; whether upstairs or down, whether replacing an existing bathroom or creating a new one, we’ll work closely with you to understand your particular needs and desires so we can fit the bathroom you really want – with every detail considered.


Experience, professionalism and care

With so many years’ experience, we bring valuable insight and understanding, recognising that everyone’s needs vary. Combined with first rate technical and product knowledge, we can provide the professional, relevant advice and guidance you want with an end result tailored specifically for you.


Age needn’t be a barrier!

It’s well-known that medical improvements mean more people are living fulfilling lives, for longer. So getting older really is a fact of life. But having to give up on some the good things you’ve always enjoyed shouldn’t be.

Why miss out on a good soak in a relaxing bath or a wonderful deluge from a hot shower? You don’t have to, and it’s our intention that you won’t.


We’ll keep you safe – and give you back your freedom.

‘Delivering value every step of the way’