The Team

Dedicated professionals you can rely on

Care and commitment, whatever the challenge


At Bathe in Safety we all take pride in what we do. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible customer service, ensuring technical excellence and delivering outstanding value for money.

First and foremost, our task is to diagnose what you need – accurately and carefully, hence our determination to advise rather than to sell. This is our primary role and you’ll find his knowledge and understanding immensely reassuring.


Professional; Experienced; Considerate

Our fitters are real professionals. Warm, sincere and easy to talk to, they’ll explain things clearly so that at all times you know what’s going on. And they don’t leave a job until it’s finished… or leave any unforeseen problem unresolved.

‘Nothing is a problem to us… but everyone is human so very occasionally things may go wrong. When they do we always find the solution.’


They have a lot of experience working on behalf of elderly or disabled people and are always careful in managing the bathroom space, appreciating that you may need to use it while they are on site. You can always rely on their discretion and courtesy.

‘Many of the people we work for are vulnerable. We need to be sensitive – and to make the toilet facilities available at all times.’


Consideration for our customer is at the forefront of our minds from beginning to end; when we are in your home we aim for minimal disruption – and when we finish the job we aim to leave you with perfection!