How we started, why we did it and where we are now

'We recognised we could offer a better service’

We started Bathe in Safety back in 2012. Since then, we have grown year on year, building a sound reputation for quality, commitment and professionalism throughout Kent and Sussex.

Our customers include people who need a new bathroom in their own home (See our Residential page) care homes that look after the elderly (See our Commercial page) and Local Authorities and Housing Associations (See our Public Sector page)


Thoughtful advice, carefully given

Having been bathroom fitters for 20 years we had become increasingly aware of the need for accessible bathrooms. And we were horrified at the limited help and relevant products available. People need professional advice – not a slick salesman! We were determined to build something better.

‘…At the end of the day, we will do whatever you want us to do, but we are here to advise you – We are not here to sell – so we want to make sure that what we are fitting actually works for you.’


Our people are our greatest strength

Hana, spent 14 years as a professional carer in residential homes for the elderly. Part of Bathe in Safety from the start, she’s now a director, running the office and liaising with customers, providing advice and support to the people who need it most. Her understanding of elderly people’s needs makes her input and support invaluable.

Our fitters are all knowledgeable professionals – but what makes them so special is their commitment and sensitivity to our customers: like us, they actively want to help people and provide the best solution in the best way possible.


On show in Uckfield

26th May 2018 sees the opening of our first design studio in Uckfield East Sussex. It’s our showcase; you’ll be able to see what we offer and how we work. The bathrooms on display will fire your imagination and our professional designer will be able to start the process with you.  On-site parking makes access easy, but we’ll offer a booked appointment and free transport service if you can’t reach us on your own.


Committed to excellent customer service…

From initial enquiry through to fitting the last tile, everyone who works for Bathe in Safety is focused on the customer, ensuring that the entire experience is as good as it can be. And all the time we remember that we are a visitor to your home, and so behave appropriately.


… and delivering value that far outweighs the price

The bathroom we design and fit for you will help you keep your independence and dignity for years to come whilst enabling you to enjoy one of the basic pleasures in life. It’ll be absolutely right for you, without costing a fortune.


‘It’s massively important to us to know that we can do something better than other people can, and at a fairer price too.