Bathe in Safety

Mobility Bathrooms at their Best

After 12 years of installing mobility bathrooms and traveling all over the country working for the large mobility bathroom company’s I decided to start up my own business.

I could not believe the amount of money the bigger companies are charging, even for a simple installation! I also found their after service care was extremely poor once they had got your money.

My business plan was simple, do a better job at a lower price and with excellent customer service.

We launched Bathe in safety in 2013 and to start with it was just me and my apprentice. With careful advertising and recommendations, we now have 6 highly skilled fitters, a full time builder and our own electrician and my wife takes care of office administration.

We not only install in private homes but we have also completed many installations in nursing homes and for charity organizations and we are a preferred contractor for Sussex County Council completing over 80 wetrooms a year for them.

Our main objective is to provide our customers with a product that is right for them now as well as making sure its future proof. It’s no good just fitting a walk in shower and a couple of grab rails and saying, there you go! Every individual is different and have different needs.

We will design your bathroom/shower room around you and your own requirements and needs.

Welcome to a safer place.